The Living End Retrospective Tour 2012

It’s been one year since The Living End’s epic Retrospective Tour around Australia.
The band played each of their six studio albums in full with seven shows in each state – except for Victoria, where the demand was so high in their hometown of Melbourne that they had to stay for eleven.

The Corner Hotel has always been one of my favourite Melbourne venues, so I wasn’t going to miss the chance to go to nearly every show. To be able to watch one of my favourite bands at my favourite venue night after night was basically a dream come true.

That week was filled with so many great experiences – not only from watching the band but from meeting all the fans, making new friends and being able to document something very special. There was even a marriage proposal on stage one night (she said yes). This tour was about the fans and their dedication just as much as the band.

Here is a selection of my favourite images from the tour, and you can view more here.

01_TLE_2012-12-22_01 02_TLE_2012-12-16_33 03_TLE_2012-12-22_007 04_TLE_2012-12-16_12 05_TLE_2012-12-22_036 06_TLE_2012-12-12_07 07_TLE_2012-12-12_32 08_TLE_2012-12-13_28 09_TLE_2012-12-13_03 10_TLE_2012-12-13_07 11_TLE_2012-12-22_027 12_TLE_2012-12-17_38 13_TLE_2012-12-20_40 14_TLE_2012-12-22_041 15_TLE_2012-12-22_053 16_TLE_2012-12-22_081 17_TLE_2012-12-22_079 18_TLE_2012-12-15_07 19_TLE_2012-12-15_15 20_TLE_2012-12-15_30 21_TLE_2012-12-17_22 22_TLE_2012-12-13_13 23_TLE_2012-12-22_090

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