Placebo Australian Tour Diary

One of my favourite bands is Placebo, and when it was announced in 2013 that they would be doing the Soundwave tour again for their new album Loud Like Love, I knew I had to follow them on tour and photograph it.

My friend Dave and I decided to fly to Sydney for their Soundwave sideshow, and I would try to photograph Soundwave in Sydney purely just as another chance to see them. So I flew up on a Saturday night, crashed at a friend’s house, and headed out to shoot a ridiculous amount of bands, just waiting for 3:00pm to arrive so I could see Placebo for the first time in four years.

It’s a strange thing shooting one of your favourite bands, as many of my photographer friends would say. Usually it’s all a blur to me and I’m so focused on getting the best shots that I hardly notice the first three songs – this was different though.
Most photographers were off shooting bands at other stages, so it was just myself and about 6 others, a wide open photo pit, and Placebo. I was standing in the one position closer than front row that I fan could get.

I didn’t go crazy taking hundreds of photos, just a few and so I could soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the show instead. Here’s some of my favourite shots from their set.

2014-02-23_01 2014-02-23_02 2014-02-23_03  2014-02-23_05 2014-02-23_06 2014-02-23_07 2014-02-23_08 2014-02-23_09 2014-02-23_102014-02-23_04

After Soundwave was over (and I have shot another 15 or so bands), I headed back into the city to meet Dave and head to our hotel.

Exhausted in the hotel room

Exhausted in the hotel room

The next morning we got up early (I was feeling a bit dead), and made our way to the Enmore Theatre for Placebo’s first sideshow of the tour. I chose not to shoot this one because I wanted to be front row with Dave, but here’s a few phone snaps.

Placebo fans lining up early

Placebo fans lining up early

2014-02-24_05 2014-02-24_08

We got back to our hotel at midnight, in bed by 1am and had to get up at 4:30am to head to the airport and fly back to Melbourne and go straight to work (I have no idea how either of us made it through that Tuesday). I spent the next two nights editing my Soundwave photos, and then it was time for Placebo’s Melbourne sideshow at the Palais Theatre.

2014-02-27_01 2014-02-27_02 2014-02-27_03 2014-02-27_04 2014-02-27_05 2014-02-27_06 2014-02-27_07 2014-02-27_08 2014-02-27_09 2014-02-27_10

By Friday I was pretty exhausted, it was the end of a week of crazy late nights and hard work, but there was one more Soundwave to shoot – Melbourne. A few Red Bulls later and it was suddenly 3:00pm and time for Placebo’s set. Here’s some of my favourite images – this set felt like something special, but perhaps it’s because I knew the best week I’d had all year was about to end.

2014-02-28_01 2014-02-28_02 2014-02-28_03 2014-02-28_04 2014-02-28_05 2014-02-28_06 2014-02-28_07 2014-02-28_08 2014-02-28_09 2014-02-28_10 2014-02-28_11 2014-02-28_12

After I shot the first three songs, I left the photo pit and watched from the side with a few tears in my eyes, because it was all over for me. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this blog, and to all the great fans who I met along the way – see you guys on the next tour.


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