Cat Cafe Melbourne – First Look

I was lucky enough to visit the new Cat Cafe in Melbourne before it opened to the public, and photograph some of their gorgeous cats for My Pet Warehouse. This cafe is the first of it’s kind in Australia, so it was very exciting to see what it was like!

You can read more about our experience on the My Pet Warehouse blog.

2014-07-17_CatCafe_062014-07-17_CatCafe_172014-07-17_CatCafe_22 2014-07-17_CatCafe_282014-07-17_CatCafe_41 2014-07-17_CatCafe_51 2014-07-17_CatCafe_53 2014-07-17_CatCafe_552014-07-17_CatCafe_65 2014-07-17_CatCafe_68 2014-07-17_CatCafe_73 2014-07-17_CatCafe_75 2014-07-17_CatCafe_78 2014-07-17_CatCafe_80 2014-07-17_CatCafe_842014-07-20_CatCafe_152014-07-20_CatCafe_302014-07-20_CatCafe_472014-07-20_CatCafe_53


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