Hanson ‘Anthem’ Tour 2014

When I was in high school and every single girl had posters of Hanson in their locker except me (I was busy listening to No Doubt and Aqua), if someone had have told me that one day I would photograph them, I definitely would not have believed it.

So anyway, last night I photographed Hanson for their Anthem tour at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne. The squeals were almost deafening – I’ve never been to a One Direction or Ed Sheeran concert, but I imagine the crowd sounded the same.

I didn’t stick around to hear Mmm Bop, but I did hear Where’s The Love (the only other song of theirs I can remember hearing in high school). They put on a great show, and for a theatre venue where it’s seating only, everyone was on their feet from the very beginning.

Here’s some of my favourite shots from the gig.

2014-08-09_Hanson_05 2014-08-09_Hanson_07 2014-08-09_Hanson_08 2014-08-09_Hanson_09 2014-08-09_Hanson_11 2014-08-09_Hanson_12 2014-08-09_Hanson_13 2014-08-09_Hanson_14 2014-08-09_Hanson_19 2014-08-09_Hanson_20 2014-08-09_Hanson_22 2014-08-09_Hanson_24 2014-08-09_Hanson_26 2014-08-09_Hanson_272014-08-09_Hanson_32 2014-08-09_Hanson_362014-08-09_Hanson_31 2014-08-09_Hanson_37


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