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I recently got back from a three week trip to England, and while planning it a few months back my friend Carly from London and Bonny from The Netherlands suggested that we all meet in Paris at the end of my trip! It was my first time visiting and a bit rushed, but it was great!

We arrived by train on a Wednesday night and went straight to The Louvre, and spent Thursday exploring Versailles, seeing the Eiffel Tower, and going up the Arc De Triomphe and watching the sun set over Paris.

Here’s some of my favourite photos from the 1.5 days we had to explore. Not pictured is all the croissants and Red Bull that were consumed. Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_01

Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_02 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_03 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_04Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_06 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_07 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_08 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_09 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_10 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_11 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_12 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_13 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_14 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_15 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_16 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_17 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_18 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_19 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_20 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_21Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_23 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_24 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_25 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_26 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_27 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_28 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_29 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_30 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_31 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_32 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_33 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_34 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_35 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_36 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_37 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_38 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_39 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_40 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_41 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_42 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_43 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_44 Paris2014_©RebeccaHoulden_45

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  1. Awesome photos Bec! Love black and white shots of the Eiffel Tower :) It’s crazy how much detail are in some of those rooms… Kinda gives me a headache haha.

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