Travel: Brighton, England

During my three-week trip to England in September, I spent a day in Brighton with my friend Carly. It was such a cute coastal town, only an hour on the train from London. It reminded me a bit of what I’ve seen of Coney Island in the movies – pretty pastel colours, deck chairs on the beach, rides, a carousel and a ferris wheel.
We walked along the ‘beach’, went shopping down through North Laine and The Lanes, and visited the Royal Pavilion – an old Indian-style palace (unfortunately no photos were allowed inside).

Here’s a few of my favourites from our visit, and if you want to see more you can check out the full set on my Flickr.

All photos were shot with my Nikon D800 and Nikon 35mm f1.8 lens.

2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_001 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_002 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_003 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_004 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_005 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_006 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_007 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_008 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_009 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_010 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_011 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_012 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_013 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_014 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_015 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_016 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_017 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_018 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_019 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_020 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_021 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_022 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_023

The Royal Pavilion was built as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who became the Prince Regent in 1811.

The Royal Pavilion was built as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who became the Prince Regent in 1811.

2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_025 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_026 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_027 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_028 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_029 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_030 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_031 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_032 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_033 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_034 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_035 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_036 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_037 2014-09-15_Brighton_©RebeccaHoulden_038

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