Travel: Kanamara Matsuri Festival, Japan

While visiting Japan in April, I happened to be in Tokyo on the weekend of the Kanamara Matsuri Festival, aka the ‘Festival of the Steel Phallus’. While my friends back home were celebrating Easter with their families, I was following three giant portable penis shrines through the streets of Kawasaki.

The festival was held at the Kanayama Shrine where they had market stalls selling everything penis-shaped that you can think of, and the money raised went to HIV research. The main festival area was lined with locals and tourists, and the crowds were so crazy that we ended up leaving the market to follow the three phallus-shaped shrines being marched through the streets nearby.

As you can expect, it was hilariously entertaining and I would highly recommend checking it out.

All photos shot with my Nikon D800 and 35mm f1.8 lens.


You can view more photos from my Japan trip on Flickr.

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