Garbage Australian Tour 2013

One of my favourite bands Garbage are currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Self-Titled album ‘Garbage’, and I thought this would be a good time to take a look back over some of my favourite images from their ‘Not Your Kind Of People’ Australian tour from 2013.

Special thanks to Faster Louder and Beat Magazine for getting me the photo passes to these gigs. It turned out to be a very eventful week!

All images were shot on my Nikon D7000, and you can view more over on my Flickr. If you scroll to the end there’s also a little story about meeting the band and appearing in one of their videos.



For this show I had a ticket and wasn’t shooting, but couldn’t resist sneaking in my camera for a few photos anyway. The band were on fire, and despite some technical difficulties, this was probably my favourite performance of the tour.



Not long after Garbage’s first two Soundwave sidewaves went on sale, it was announced that they would also play at the Star Event Centre in Sydney which had a new section for live music, and Garbage would be the first rock band to play there.

This night had a real sense of excitement about it – Soundwave week was over and all the other bands had already left Australia, but Garbage were still here to tear up Sydney one more time.

I had applied for a photo pass for this gig, and in addition to my photo pass, the PR company ended up giving me a VIP experience including a meet and greet with the band before the show, corporate tickets and entry to the after party at Rock Lily to hang out with the band. It was the perfect way to end such an incredible week!


In February 2012, Garbage held a competition on their website for fans to send in artwork with the theme ‘I Hate Love’ (the title of one of their new songs) for Valentine’s Day, for an undisclosed project. My friend Dave and I came up with a concept, and we had our friend Viktor photograph it for us in a laneway near our house that afternoon.

The band were overwhelmed with the entries, and used all of them to make a fan video clip for ‘I Hate Love’ which you can watch here. And of all the photos they could pick for the thumbnail of the video, they chose ours.

I took a printed copy of the final photo with me to Sydney, and the whole band signed it for us.



After hearing about my experience of following Garbage on this tour, Faster Louder also decided to write a feature on me and my experience photographing one of my favourite bands, you can read about it here.

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  1. I am a long time Garbage fan and I love the photos Rebecca. I am going to see them in London in two weeks time when they present their new album so as you would think I am getting very excited about the gig. Wish you were there to capture it. 😀

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