Travel: Black Forest, Germany 2016

Next up on my Europe trip in May after Munich was exploring the Black Forest at the bottom of Germany for two and a half days.

I’d read that Freiburg (a city in Baden-Württemberg) was the one of the best bases for exploring the Black Forest, so I booked an Air BnB there and booked two full day self guided tours through Black Forest Tours (which I’d highly recommend!). There’s sooo many different small cities and towns in the area, that doing one of these tours just seemed easier than trying to work out which to visit in such a short time.
Once you purchase the tours you’re emailed a number of comprehensive PDFs full of everything you could need (almost too much?), and the tour guide Simone was so helpful over email beforehand.

Freiburg is such a nice tourist city, and the view of Schlossberg in the afternoon sun was so pretty.

On day one of the tours I took the train from Freiburg through Hell’s Valley, hiked from Hinterzarten to Lake Titisee (which was incredible), then took the bus to Feldberg Mountain where I saw snow for the first time since I was a kid!

I loved the hike so much that I spent most of the next day hiking around Triberg (it was called the Black Forest Rail Discovery hike, or Schwarzwaldbahn-Erlebnispfad). Triberg was home of the world’s biggest cuckoo clock, some of the best Black Forest cake, Triberg Falls (one of the highest waterfalls in Germany), and just hundreds and hundreds of cuckoo clocks.

Below are some of my favourite shots from the Black Forest in Germany. All photos were shot with my Nikon D800 and Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 lens. If you’d like to see more you can view them on my Flickr.

rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_001 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_002 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_003 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_004 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_005 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_006 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_007 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_008 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_009 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_010 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_011 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_012 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_013 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_014 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_015 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_016 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_017 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_018 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_019 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_020 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_021 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_022 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_023 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_024 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_025 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_026 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_027 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_028 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_029 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_030 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_031 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_032 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_033 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_034 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_035 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_036 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_037 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_038 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_039 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_040 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_041 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_042 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_043 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_044 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_045 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_046 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_047 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_048 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_049 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_050 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_051 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_052 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_053 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_054 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_055 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_056 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_057 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_058 rebeccahoulden_blackforest2016_059

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