Exhibition: Rone Empire 2019

Last week I visited Rone’s latest exhibition EMPIRE, in the Dandenong Ranges. It was so breathtakingly beautiful, so I wanted to share some of my favourite images here as a collection.

EMPIRE is set amongst the decaying glory of a once-magnificent manor Burnham Beeches, in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges.

EMPIRE combines art, vision, sound, light, botanical design and scent to take audiences on a hauntingly immersive multi-sensory journey into a reimagined past of a faded icon.

The Burnham project reimagines the spirit of one of Victoria’s landmark mansions, not accessed since the 1980s. Through this, viewers are invited to consider what remains – the unseen cultural, social, artistic and spiritual heritage which produces intangible meaning.

All images shot with my Nikon D810 and 14-24mm lens.

©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_001 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_002 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_003 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_004©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_007©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_006©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_008 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_009 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_010 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_011 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_012 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_013©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_015 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_016 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_017 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_018 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_019 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_020 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_021 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_022 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_023 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_024 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_025 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_026 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_027 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_028 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_029 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_030 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_031 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_032 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_033 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_034 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_035 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_036 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_037 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_038 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_039 ©RebeccaHoulden_Rone_040

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