Hi, I’m Rebecca Houlden and I’m a Melbourne-based freelance photographer, specialising in live music and events.

I’ve been shooting live music since 2009, and can usually be found front row at a gig on weekends. I love being able to capture the fun, colour and emotion at an event, whether it be the performers or the crowd, and strive to never miss a moment.

My photos have appeared in a number of print and online publications, and in the following exhibitions to date:
• Three Songs No Flash, Ding Dong Lounge (May 2013)
• AIR Awards curated by Kane Hibberd, Meat Market (October 2013)
• Three Songs No Flash, Ding Dong Lounge (March 2014)
• Record Store Day, Heartland Records (April 2015)
• So Long & Thanks For The Shows, Satellite Gallery (May 2019)
• With Every Light, Zo Damage (June 2019)

And yes, I would love to photograph your band or event.

Email: rebecca.houlden@gmail.com