Soundwave Festival Round One: Sydney 2014

This year I flew to Sydney to shoot Soundwave Festival for Metal Obsession, and it was pretty epic. I ended up shooting 28 bands on the day (almost double what I would shoot for other single day festivals). Thankfully because I knew I would be shooting the Melbourne leg, and this one I was shooting for a metal website, it made it a bit easier to plan my timetable. In other words, shoot as many heavy/metal bands on the bill that I could, and leave all the others for Melbourne. There were a few exceptions to this though such as …

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2014

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival is one of my favourite festivals to shoot every year – the music, the people and the atmosphere are always fantastic. Here’s some of my favourite shots from this year, and you can check out the rest on Flickr.