Download Festival Melbourne 2018

Australia’s first Download Festival back in March filled the hole that Soundwave Festival left behind when it ended in 2015 (or at least came close), with bands like Korn, Sabaton, Arch Enemy, Prophets Of Rage, and some unexpected ones like Limp Bizkit and Good Charlotte. It felt more like 1998 than 2018. Shot for Metal Obsession, here’s some of my favourite photos, and you can view more over on my Flickr.

Soundwave Festival Sydney 2015

41 bands, 5 stages, 2 days, 1 storm and 1 exhausted (but happy) photographer pretty much sums up Soundwave Festival Sydney 2015 for me. A few months back I posted a blog with my favourite shots from Soundwave Festival Melbourne, now it’s Sydney’s turn. Soundwave Festival week is always a massive one for any music photographer, but it’s so much fun – not just shooting all the bands, but running into other photographers, meeting the fans and getting to discover so many other great bands that I didn’t already know. It’s always so hard to decide which bands to shoot at …